When it was time to refresh the audio and video recording gear at Proximity Sam Ashby and I were the ones chosen. As a big agency we usually work with assets created outside our own walls by specialized production companies. But recently we’ve been producing a lot of our own video and photography, mainly for pitch and internal work.

Choosing the new gear was not simple. First we had to list all the gear for each area we needed. If we’re getting a mic, we’ll need a recorder, to connect one to the other we’ll need cables. Does the record need a memory card? (Yes, it does). How are we going to use the microphone? Maybe we’ll need a boom pole or a stand. The second consideration was that pretty much everyone should be able to operate this gear with minimal training.

Once we got all the equipment we felt the need to materialize that training as fast as possible. Sam came up with the idea of “How to shoot someone without making a mess” and we ran with it. Sam also created these one page cheat sheets for the essential pieces of equipment:

I can came up with the idea of putting the gear straight away on people’s hands, and that took the form of a brief were there attendees had to recreate a video we made earlier where I follow Sam while he makes coffee. We had the brief, a script and even a storyboard.

The sessions went great and we got some nice footage and a great voice over for a new version of the video.
Here are some pictures of the event: